Perennial Maman 2015

While the forums of BA and even FB are being lit up for the newest BA Abraxas, Maman remains under the radar for most. Let’s be honest, with what beer has become today, half the people posting these offers probably would probably ask “what’s Maman?” Well what if I told you Maman is BA Abraxas, just without the adjuncts.  I know…NO ADJUNCTS? IT CAN’T BE THAT GOOD OR RARE!? Well your wrong, it is…

I was able to try one of the Maman variants, Blue Label, at a bar in NYC a few weeks back. Lucky for me, due to the bar’s location, Blue Label actually lasted for two weeks. Yes there are people offering absurd amounts on MBC for Maman, and a more limited variant of it was just sitting around. Entering the bar, I looked around and the lack of beards was astonishing. The bar was abundant with Brooklynites, but nobody was ordering Maman, it was some sort of beer twilight zone.

I sat there for the next two hours, downing pour after pour, and even after I left the keg was still not kicked. I heard from my STL buddies that Blue Label was actually not as good as the regular Maman. While Blue label was a little on the thinner side than the fudgey beer I expected, the barrel had more presence than in any other beer I’ve had in my life.

So now for the the regular. Maman pours a thick motor oil color, with little to no head forming around the beer. As the beer pours down the side of the glass, I can see it’s yellowish oily residue. The nose on this beer is a little more tame compared to Blue Label. There is more of a chocolate to the nose, but that barrel is still there, it just doesn’t punch you in the face.The mouth-feel of Maman is something every stout desires, thick fudgey goodness. The mouth-feel of the barrel is a little more tame on the front end compared to the Blue Label which had an overpowering barrel right from the start. This one gives off a gooey chocolate taste on the front end and it’s followed by the barrel rounding out the beer on the backend. It’s like barrel aged Hersey’s syrup.  This is definitely one of the best barrel aged stouts I’ve had, this might go up there with Assassin 2013 as the best non-adjunct barrel aged stouts (100/100).


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