Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation 2015

I will be the first one to admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about Bottle Logic. I first found out about Bottle Logic two years ago when my buddy and I were visiting breweries around the LA area. Bottle Logic happened to be the last stop on the trip and after the Bruery and a few other stops, I was pretty much ready to head back home.

The two of us ordered a flight of eight beers, and I made it through about a sip or two of each of the beers before calling it a day. While rushing to judgement from this experience was probably a little unfair on my part, it left a negative connotation in my head about Bottle Logic.

Fast forward to this past January when a buddy brought over a bottle of Darkstar November. Though I approached this one with a bit of skepticism, it blew me away. The Bottle Logic I went to two years ago couldn’t have produced this right?! It was incredibly smoothed and one of more balanced stouts I’ve had, that it left me wanting more, so when that same friend offered to open Fundamental Observation (FO), the first thought was “it had to be a fluke.” It couldn’t be the same brewery or did they get lucky with one beer? However, with the long list of  reviews from beer nerds around the country echoing praise for FO, I felt that I needed to try it.

FO pours black with a thin tan head that slowly dissipates, and leaves a soapy tan latte-like residue at the top. The nose on this beer is incredible. It’s like vanilla bean chocolate chip pancakes. Get that image inside your head because that’s it. There is so much vanilla on this nose, but it’s not overpowering or artificial at all, it’s perfect.

The mouth-feel follows suit on the nose to a T. Liquid vanilla bean chocolate chip pancakes, it’s just incredible. The thickness is perfect, and left me sniffing my glass for minutes after I made it through my pour. This beer is right there with Vanilla Bean Dark Lord as being the two best vanilla barrel aged stouts I’ve ever had. Right when I thought Kane’s new vanilla ANTEAD was making a run for the top three in that category, FO just came through and pushed that to the side. This beer is phenomenal.

Mags was sitting there with me as I drank it, and even she couldn’t put it down, as she said “this is my new favorite beer, can you please get some more of it?” Sure, let me just shell out a few hundred dollars for a pour ha. This was Madagascar all over again, until she found out it had milk (she’s lactose intolerant). At least with Madagascar, it was a little more obtainable, getting her a few bottles of this would be a pipe dream. Congrats Bottle Logic, you have finally convinced me (100/100)

image1 (2)

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