Tree House Very Green


IMG_4501 (1)

When I heard Very Green dropped in cans, I immediately knew it would be almost impossible for me to land, especially with the current demand for all things TH, and the fact that I’ve have been laid up in the apartment after surgery for about 7 weeks now, so big thank you to Jared for picking one up for me.

This beer pours a golden hazy color, similar to Green, but a little brighter. There is a thick frothy white head on the beer that slowly dissipates, leaving a a thin white layer around the edges of the glass, and a creamy latte-like image on the top.

The nose on this beer follows Green. There is a ton of tropical fruits and citrus. As the beer warms, the fruit aromas become only stronger and you get that smell that hits you in the face the moment you walk into Tree House.

So it looks like Green…it smells like Green, did everyone waste their time. Well luckily, for those who did wait, that answer is no. The taste on this beer is what sets itself apart from its younger brother. While Green is a wave of fruit and hops, Very Green turns that wave into a tsunami and launches an attack of fruit and hops at the same time on your palate. This beer pretty much takes off the training wheels, throws you in the deep end, insert your metaphor and it will fit this beer.

So how does this compare to Green? Well I would say Green was near the top for me in terms of hoppy beers, and how could TH improve on a beer that I already thought perfect? Well…you can’t. I’m not going to say this is better than Green, or push my reviews of Green down. The choice between the two is going to depend on what you’re in the mood for. Do you want the waves or the tsunami. At the end of the day, the difference between the two is less than 1% abv. , so you’re really splitting hairs.

Whether you’re on Team Green or Team Julius (sorry), there is one commonality. They are all fucking incredible. Not only does Tree House do a great job with their beers, but its how they treat their customers that truly puts them above the other breweries I’ve experienced. There is no brewery right now that has one of their Founders at the register each day thanking customers for coming out, and making them smile with each loud “Big Tippahhh” (trying to do my best Boston accent). There is no brewery that has employees chatting with customers online, making sure everyone is happy. There is no brewery that would actually replace a broken growler fill…Yet Tree House does this all and more (100/100).


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