Grimm Afterimage

This beer pours a cloudy orange with a thin white lace, the resemblance to Tree House Julius is uncanny from the start. The nose is on point, with a ton of orange with a blast of hops. If I did this blind with Julius, the only thing separating the two is this is actually a little softer. But wait…this beer is 8% wtf!? It drinks like a 6% IPA, insanely crushable (I’m sure it will catch up with me eventually). I have to admit, and I feel weird saying this since Tree House is my favorite brewery, but I think this is as good as to Julius (I’m a Green fan). It seems counterintuitive that this beer is possible at the abv, but somehow  Grimm does it again, and this being their first canned offering, just blows me away. I need more Grimm in my life! (100/100).

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