Schramms- Black Agnes


This past weekend I finally got to open up my bottle of Black Agnus B3 from a Michigan buddy. My gf has been going on a gluten-limited kick as of late, and once she found out about meads, I have been tracking them down left and right.

The mead pours a dark red color, as it is a black current flavored mead. The nose is very prominent, upfront dark fruit, lots of honey. I also get notes of grape juice, taking me back to my childhood downing kids “wine,” with a little bit of booze on the back-end. The taste is phenomenal, for meads i like to chill them and then let them warm up to really get how the flavor changes at different temperatures. The more this warms, the more I get a little tartness on the back-end of the mouth feel, which is very nice following the upfront sweetness from the fruit and honey. This is definitely the best mead I’ve had so far, it is just incredibly complex and flavorful (100/100)

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