Bullfrog Grrrz Kriek and a Rant on Crime of Pasion

Last month I made the trek and waited overnight for this year’s Bullfrog release. While the event was a success, the effort just to get my allocation left me thinking if this release would be a one time thing for me. I left the release that day, with one question “How good are these beers actually?”

Last week my buddy Matt brought over a bottle of the Kriek from this year’s release and I have to admit, my expectations were low. Since the release I have had some bad taste in my mouth about the quality of these beers. Whether it’s the bullshit around Crime of Passion (which I will get to later) or the fact that it seems every person that went to the release is trying to trade away their allocation, something just didn’t seem right.


The beer pours a hazy red color with a thin white lace on the top that quickly dissipates and leaves minor white film along the edges of the glass. The aroma has a ton of cherry to it, I get a little bit of tart and funk through the nose. The taste is IMO better than the apricot and melange I tried at Bullfrog, there is just a ton of cherry which I personally really enjoy. The funk is not overpowering, but just enough to provide a complex mouth feel (98/100).

Now that I given my compliments to Bullfrog, time for my rant. I had a trade agreed to deal my Crime of Passion beer to a fellow BA trader, however after hearing the reviews, I canceled the trade, feeling bad that I could be sending someone such a shitty beer. Knowing that I didn’t want to offend anyone by shipping it out, I decided to open it myself. The beer pours a pinkish/orange color (I am trying to block it out in my mind). The nose is straight lacto, mixed with nail polish and some weird metallic taste. The taste follows, this beer is utter shit. It is overwhelmingly sour. I haven’t tasted nail polish in my life, but this can’t be far off. I feel like I basically put a Warhead in my mouth, took a swig of nail polish and then licked an old pan.

Now, I know Bullfrog is currently taking a lot of heat for this beer, and I usually side with the brewery on these beers, but knowing the time, effort and money I put into getting this beer, they should be ashamed they released this beer. I have been told by a buddy that spoke with the brewery, that since the bottles were so limited they didn’t even taste the beer before it’s released. While I find this very hard to believe, they better have not tasted this beer, because if they knew how bad it was, and still hyped it up and released it for $25 a bottle then there is no excuse. I don’t know how, but they need to figure out a way to make up for this beer. This was single handily the worst beer I have ever had. I couldn’t even finish my pour (ZERO/100).

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