The Battle of the Hunas- Cali Brandy vs Double Barrel


This was my second time having the DB, first with Cali-Brandy so lets start this with the new comer…

Cali Brandy- The beer pours a dark chocolate color, with an amber head that dissipates, forming a thin lace along the head of the beer. The nose is straight up brandy which is very powerful and a little bit of chocolate. The taste is a muted version of Huna, as the barrel definitely smooths the base beer out. You get a little bit of cinnamon and spice on the back end, but it is very muted. I have heard mixed things about this beer after aging it a few years. The booze is definitely present, I was hoping for something a little sweeter from the brandy, but this leaves me wondering how different this beer was fresh (95/100).

Double Barrel- Now for the main event, this beautiful SOB pours a used motor-oil color with absolutely no head, appearing like pure black syrup. The aroma is a ton of fudge and sweetness from the AB barrel, with some malt as well.The taste is insane, the second barrel makes a huge difference cutting through the sweetness. Its a complete fudgey mess, and it’s awesome. I find myself continuing to go back and forth between smelling and tasting, both are incredible, but at the end of the day we are here to drink the beer, just wish this beer would never end. Even at this higher ABV and thickness, I could sip this all day ever day (100/100).

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