Lawson’s Triple Sunshine


Going into this beer, I didn’t understand the hype. The ISO:FT on both sides were a little much, but made me a little intrigued about how good this beer could be. The triple IPA is a style that is quite difficult to pull off. The beer usually comes out overly boozy, and just a malty mess…so I just didn’t get the hype. However, eventually I had to pull the trigger and try this beer to find out.

I made the trek up to Vermont last year for what I believe was the last release of Lawson’s Double Sunshine. Lawson set up shop in the corner of a basketball court, taking orders tickets like your local deli. While I spoke to him briefly, he was incredibly nice, taking the time to speak, not rushing me away. This year my buddies told me they would finally brew a collab beer with me, a imperial maple porter. Knowing that maple is a hard flavor to get out of a beer, I reached out to Lawson to get his advice on how much maple and when to add the maple. He not only responded timely, but with oodles of information and advice, which was totally unexpected and very much appreciated. Hopefully this year I finally get time to try to brew the beer.

Anywho back to the beer. The beer pours a golden color, hazy and unfiltered, very different than your normal triples that are pretty clear. The nose is also quite different, you don’t get the normal malty booziness you would expect. Instead the nose is a ton of floral juiciness and dankness. I would say it’s like a muted version of Sip of Sunshine on the nose, The taste is super juicy, nothing like you would expect from a triple. I hate to say this, but this is worth the hype. This is by far the best Triple IPA I’ve ever had, I can’t imagine this can be improved in any facet. Bravo Mr. Lawson, bravo (100/100)

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