Good People – El Gordo

This beer came to mind after seeing this at the top of  Paste Magazine’s top non-barrel aged stouts article. I wasn’t too familiar with Good People, which is out of Birmingham, Alabama. The beer pours a dark chocolate color with a quickly dissipating amber head. The beer gives off aroma of sweet molasses, raisins, figs, vanilla and cocoa. The taste on this on is unbelievable, the fact that this is a non-BA beer is insane to me. It is incredibly complex, I get a rush of sweetness and vanilla on the front end, followed by chocolate and a little butterscotch. The roll of flavors are outstanding, that sweetness on the front end is something unique I have not got in any other beers, which makes it even more absurd this has no barrel. There is even what seems like a little bit of spice or cinnamon in the mouthfeel. This is something I am going to have to find  another bottle of (100/100).

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