4Hands Madagascar

Getting this beer was quite the adventure. First, lets go back a month to EBF where I first had Madagascar one, twice, three times….Well this happened to be Mag’s favorite beer which prompted me to go on a wild goose chase to find a bottle, which when I did, resulted in another chase just to pick the beer up. Anywho…back to present time. The beer pours a jet black color with an amber head that slowly dissipates at first, then continues to linger along the edge of the glass. The bourbon notes are quite strong, and the vanilla only enhances that smell. The taste is upfront vanilla, very strong, with a chocolate backbone. This is definitely one of the top vanilla beers I’ve had. That being said, it is a little different than what I remember from when it was on tap. For someone that enjoys vanilla adjunct beers, this is definitely at the head of the class. Other than perhaps Vanilla Bean Dark Lord, this beer is the best example of how to use the vanilla flavor in a beer (99/100).

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