Funk Factory Geuzeria- Framrood

My buddy Casey brought this gift from his friend who owns a brewery called O’so back in Wisconsin. Having had two O’so beers before, both which were phenomenal, I was very excited for this one. The beer pours a red rose color, bringing back childhood memories as it looks like a glass of Hawaiian punch. The nose gives off a lactic tart smell, with fresh raspberries and a some brett. The taste is once again outstanding on this one. If I could compare it to any beer, it would be atrial, and I have to say, this beer is an atrial killer. This is hands down the best raspberry flavored beer I’ve had. You get a ton of fresh raspberries in the taste, with balanced tartness, combined with funk. For someone that doesn’t enjoy beers with funk, O’so has continuously surprised me (100/100).

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