Odd Sides Hipster Brunch


I got this beer in a large trade with some Michigan buddies, and didn’t have that high of an expectation to be honest I have had Odd Sides hoppy beers, which were great, but the maple bacon flavor in a beer is something that’s a little hard to pull off. I am not a fan of Funky Buddha’s MBCP as I feel it’s a little light on the mouth-feel (I know Imperial version might be better), but it also just tastes fake to me, as if an extract was used.

This beer pours a syrupy dark chocolate color with a little mocha head. The nose is mostly coffee upfront with subtle maple notes. The taste is a well-crafted assault on your mouth. The chocolate and coffee are very present on the front end of the beer. On the back end you get a rush of maple, but there isn’t that bacon taste. I instead get a smokey fat taste mixed into the maple bomb. This is truly enjoyable and I look forward to seeing what other beers they put out.

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