2014 BA Mexican Cake Set

photo 1 (10)

Bourbon Mexican Cake

This variant was the closest of the three to the regular Mex Cake. Right off the bat you get the the spice on the nose, and it’s a tad bit overwhelming. There are little bourbon notes, but the spice is just so powerful that it takes over the nose. Taking a sip, the beer comes off a little mellow on the front end due to the bourbon, mixed with a little bit of fudge. On the back-end you get a ton of heat. The bourbon actually seem to enhance the amount of spice compared to the regular. The bourbon however  also add a little bit of sweetness, making this variant more enjoyable than the regular (96/100).

Tequila Mexican Cake

This beer was actually only my second attempt to try a beer aged in tequila barrels, after opening my bottle of PNC a week earlier. The nose on this variant was straight up cinnamon sticks, as I didn’t get the same spice on the nose as the Bourbon variant. The taste follows as the tequila barrel does a nice job of muting the spice. There are some faint notes of the tequila barrel in the taste, but not overpowering, balancing out the beer quite well (98/100).

Double Barrel Mexican Cake

Having really enjoyed the DB Huna a few weeks before this, I was excited to see how the DB compared with a similarly spicy beer. The nose on the beer was an awesome blend of molasses, fudge, and almost an apple-brandy barrel like aroma. The taste was excellent, my favorite of the variants by far. There was just so much fudge on the mouth-feel. The double barrel transformed the beer where there was little to no heat at all, and extremely mellow (100/100)

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