Tree House- Good Morning

photo 1 (9)

This beer was picked up at the most recent release at Tree House. Tree House is about a three hour drive from my apartment and we made it up there about 3 hours early in order to confirm that we would get this beer. Ever since I had Mornin Delight, I have been on a chase for a possible replacement. Since I heard this might be it, I had to make sure we got it. Unfortunately, when we got home from Tree House, we noticed that there was dried beer all over the top of the growler and some leaked down the side. Luckily, it did not hinder the beer too much. The beer pours a jet-black color, with notes of coffee, vanilla, and a little maple. I had this beer at EBF, so I know the leak might have hindered the maple and carbonation a little bit, but the nose was still solid. The taste was a blend of coffee, caramel, a little vanilla, and a little maple. It’s a little thinner, a little less maple as I remember, but once again this growler was not in the best shape. I reached out to Tree House to let them know once I got home from the release, and they have apologized and said they would replace the growler when they brewed the next batch which is exciting. I would give this growler a (92/100) which might seem harsh, but I know what this beer was and what it should be. The pour I had at EBF made it the second best beer after Mornin Delight and a perfect 100 for me, and for that high of a praise, this beer should be drank fresh,

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