Tree House Blend One

This was the second growler my buddy Steve was able to score last weekend at Tree House and this one did no disappoint either. This beer pours a jet black, similar to Triple Shot. This beer is actually a blend of 24% Truth (BA Stout) and 76% Double Shot. Immediately I get the same coffee notes I got with Triple Shot, just not as upfront, along with some molasses, similar to what I get in most Kuhnhenn stouts. On the taste I get that same coffee notes, but now the bourbon barrel is a little more prominent. While I thought from the mouth-feel I could get a little bit of a bourbon taste on the Triple, the Truth portion of this beer really does shine through. This is on the same level of Triple shot, maybe edging it out by nearly a hair, but it’s too close to call. Tree House has really been hitting it out of the park this year, they are my pick for best all around beer selection. (99/100)

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