Funk Factory Guezeria 43 Degrees N – 89 Degrees W


This beer was a small bottle release my friend Casey was able to snag from a brewer friend back in Wisconsin. I am going to say, I have terrible expectations for this. I am not a fan of funky beers, especially when I tried Cantillon’s version of this beer. Just a style I don’t normally enjoy, not saying it’s a bad beer, just not my thing personally. The beer pours a hazy yellow color with a little white lacing. With the group echoing “wow this is funky” and “Jason is going to drain-pour this” I was already expecting the worst. The nose gave off a mix of funky brett, lacto, lemon drops. The taste was quite shocking. I got lemon-tart, zest, a little bit of funk, but blue cheese…yea I said blue cheese. On the back end, this beer had a fresh tart kick to it, making this one of the most complex yet enjoyable beers I have had. I have to say, this is by far the best funky beer I have ever had. It just has so much going on in the mouth-feel, yet at the same time, it’s perfectly balanced (98/100).

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