Fremont KDS Spice Wars

After having the Barrel-aged KDS last fall, I was looking all over to try this variant. Luckily on my trip to Seattle, I found a store that was holding bottles and bottles of this variant. This beer poured a midnight black with a decently sized head, which is to be expected with most oatmeal stouts. The nose is a mix of fudge, vanilla, with sweet bourbon notes mixed-in. The taste is out of this world, and hands down the best oatmeal stout BA or Non-BA I have ever had. You get that mix of spice that is complemented by the barrel characteristics, creating a complex, yet smooth taste. There is a little ginger and nutmeg on the back end, and decent amount of cinnamon rounding out the spice. This is how a BA Oatmeal stout should taste. For spiced or oatmeal stouts, this is the golden standard (100/100).

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