Bourbon-barrel vs Regular Fourth Dementia

Someone, I have had BB4D at least ten times in my life, but had never tried the regular version until now. BB4D is one of my favorite beers, partially because it’s one of two beers blended to create Solstice Stout, my favorite beer. Both beers pour the same rich mahogany color, giving off rich toffee notes with caramel. The barrel characters on the 4D takes this smell to another level. I get an explosion of bourbon notes, vanilla, toffee, caramel blended together.

The regular version has a cloying sweetness, which is good in small batches but I don’t know if I could do a full bottle of this in one sitting. Between the two beers, this is the biggest difference I have seen between a regular beer and it’s barrel-aged version. The BB4D is just a huge step above this one. I could do the BB4D over and over again. The Barrel somehow makes this beer actually less sweet than the regular version. It is just so complex, yet balanced and perfect in every way.

BB4D (99/100) 4D (88/100)

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