Tree House Triple Shot

This growler was picked up by my buddy Steve by shear luck. He arrived at Treehouse last week, just as they added this beer, along with Blend one (reviewed above). This beer pours a jet black with a small amber head. The coffee on the nose is just a bomb. Right from the first pour of this beer, you could smell the coffee all around the table. This made me a little nervous, since this is not a BA beer, I thought the coffee might be too much, the taste was actually quite surprising though…the coffee was actually quite muted, as I get straight-up rich chocolate syrup. I get maple syrup notes on the back-end, although there is no maple in this beer from what I have read. The coffee on the back-end is quite sweet, something I would expect from a BA beer. This beer might be the best non-BA stout I ever had after Mornin Delight of course (99/100).

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