Southampton Black Raspberry Lambic (SHBRL)

photo 2 (6)

This whale of a beer was something I had only become familiar with over the past year. Southampton produces a lot of beers that are readily available, but this is a whole other ballgame. According to our resident expert, the label was printed, using a simple word processor, and glued on individually to the bottle with a glue stick. The amount of effort and time put into this beer is why it has not been released in years. That on top of the fact that the brewer really doesn’t like what the craft industry has become, with long lines and high prices. We can only hope they change there mind, because what they have here is very special.

This pours the same shade as VSB, however it is much clearer. You can see through this clean whale, with bubbles sporadically rising from the bottom. The aroma is earth-like, red-wine barrels, very clean, very balanced. It has a little bit of tart on the back end of the beer, but smooth up front, nothing like the tear jerker that was VSB  96/100.

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