2014 Proprietors and 2014 Vanilla Rye

2014 Bourbon County Proprietors

I am a coconut nut, so i wasn’t sure how I would think about this year’s version compared to 2013, which was absolutely a treat. The beer pours a midnight black. The nose has no coconut on it, just cinnamon on cinnamon on cinnamon. Yup, the taste follows, this is a cinnamon bomb to the utmost. I don’t think I’ve ever had a beer with this much cinnamon on it. The barrel character makes this one a little less hot that it would normally be with the cinnamon, and it compliments the spice quite nicely. I wish this beer had a little more coconut on it, but that’s my only complaint, this was very different than 2013 and what I originally expected (97/100).

2014 Bourbon County Vanilla Rye

I was really interested to try this beer out of the bottle after having it on tap the week of its release, and being a little disappointed. I have tried to 2010 vanilla a few times in 2014, and it was unbelievable every time. I figured it might be the lines at the bar, that made the beer disappointing after seeing the glowing reviews pouring out. The beer pours a jet-black with a small amber head. The nose is a little bit extract like. The taste…well…yea. I don’t know if I was crazy, but I was glad that the majority of my buddies also weren’t much of a fan. The beer is a vanilla bomb with a harsh rye character. It might be partially this came after VBDL and Prop, but really wasn’t a fan. Just nothing complex here, maybe a year on it would be different, but not worthy of the hype for me (92/100).

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